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How it works?

You walk into the beautiful, clean LIKER SPA and are warmly welcomed by the friendly, attentive staff. You are led to a treatment room, where your technician will guide you step by step through the treatment. In the room, you will see a comfortable 6 ½ foot by 3 ½ foot therapy table to lie on; next to which sits the Liker Lean therapy machine.

Your technician will leave the room while you undress to sports bra and shorts (female) shorts (men). As you relax and listen to music, your technician chooses the most beneficial treatment areas and places 12 electro pads on your body, which she then attaches to the machine via four leads.

The LIKER Lean Machine has 3 patented protocols for sculpting the body and helping the body lose weight. The machine does all the work and exercise is not necessary, but moderate cardio/activity will help to optimize the results. Clients lose ½ an inch or more in the first 45 minute session. Including the time to disrobe, adjust the machine settings, dress, and confirm the next appointment, clients should expect to spend one hour at the spa.

The machine has three modalities, which include circulation (boosts blood flow and increases metabolic rate); detox(helps the body expel fat; and rehabilitation (tones and strengthens muscles and firms up the body). All of these modalities have specific frequency patterns and work by safely stimulating the nerves and tissues. The therapy is never painful; intensity is increased as the body naturally adjusts.

Clients must do their part in order to tone and lose weight by attending regular treatment sessions and by limiting food intake or by adjusting their eating habits. The clients will receive dietary advice and counseling. However, everyone is advised to consult their own physician before starting any health or diet plan or treatments.