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About Liker Lean Machine Weight Loss Spa

Hi! I am Tony Liker, former NFL player, now the proud owner of Liker Lean Machine Weight Loss/Toning Spa in Plano Texas. I was so impressed with the electric machine I bought the company!! No surgery; non-intrusive machine. Exercise is not required.

Several years ago after my NFL career was over, I found myself depressed, overweight, unhealthy, huffing after 10 steps, and unable to even get a date. I tried what seemed like every weight loss strategy and program on the planet and could not lose weight. I tried everything for years and prayed for years for help.

One day I happened to run into a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in 6 months. He looked incredible and he had lost 70 pounds. He looked like a male model or movie star, and he had a flat six pack. Of course, wanting to lose weight myself and hovering just under 400 pounds, I asked him what in the world he did that he was able to lose THAT much.

When I saw him i knew he did something special besides working out and diets. My friend was embarrassed or something, and he was not forthcoming with what he was doing to lose so much weight. I told myself even if I have to surveil him for years 24/7! I would because he looked so good. I pried it out of him and he finally said i am doing this electric machine a bit too. I immediately felt like a spiritual lightning bolt from Jesus struck me. I knew deep inside my heart that this electric machine was exactly what I had been praying for those years.

i went to the spa where the electric machine was and in my first session of 45 minutes, i lost 2 inches on my waist. i knew by seeing my friend that even if I lost no inches on the first session that I was going to do the program for six months like him.

I went for a total of 4 months and lost 90 pounds. Yes – 4 months and 90 pounds and I was losing between 5 and 7 pounds per week during that time! I felt like a new man.

Sarah Brewer, a doctor of natural medicine, administers treatments and helps clients with diet and nutritional questions. Originally from England, Sarah begun her career as a college lecturer. After working in several countries, she settled in the US, where she continued to teach, but was able to pursue her passion for health by training in therapeutic massage and body work. Later, her love of holistic medicine and nutrition, led her to complete her health education and become a DNM.

She has been using electrotherapy for over 15 years. First, as a client of the company founders, who later trained her and invited her to work with them. Now she is delighted to work with Tony Liker and shares his passion for the machine and his desire to make it affordable for everyone. For many years, she has used this therapy combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain optimum weight and stay in shape.